BBS (Bulletin Board System)

TELNET:  Character mode/TTY using your default telnet application installed on your computer.  Check out SyncTerm for more information before use it.  Or download WcNavigator's freeware  for telnet.   What is a BBS?

For any telnet's software connect:

For WcNavigator client connect:
Browser's login:  see webpage preview

One wildcat Navigator installer for all version of windows. It is freeware for telnet, phone, and navigator.  For more information about
WcNavigator.  Click this icon for download. 
(Windows 32-bit system) Last updated June 2007.

SyncTERM version 0.9.3b  gives you an ANSI-BBS terminal created to connect to remote BBSs via telnet, rlogin, or SSH.  For more information about SyncTERM.  Click this icon for download. 
SyncTERM v0.9.5b  w/bbs listing
updated August 2011.
    Bulletin Board System  Listing  - to add your bbs, go to telnet's
   Games Online in Wildcat's Castle BBS


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Bulletin Board System

Screen Shots

This is telnet as WcNavigator  on Windows XP in Wildcat's Castle BBS

WcNavigator on Windows 7 32-bit in Wildcat's Castle BBS

SyncTERM on Windows 7 32-bit in Wildcat's Castle BBS

SyncTERM on Windows 10 64-bit in Wildcat's Castle BBS


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